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Victoria Mines boy dresses as Santa to spread holiday cheer


Campbell, of Victoria Mines, is catching attention wherever he goes spreading cheer as mini Santa Claus.

"I like being Santa because it makes everybody have a smile on their face," he said while visiting seniors at the Minto Street complex in Glace Bay on Tuesday.

"It makes me feel good."

Campbell's great-grandmother, Emily Doyle of New Waterford, said his role as Santa has continued to build for years.

She said that two years ago he was at his grandmother's house in Victoria Mines, playing with his little sister and cousin in the garage.

"They looked out and when they saw Lucas, couldn't believe it. He had a big red sweater on and a Santa hat, and he had made a paper beard. He was playing Santa Claus — the kids were on his lap."

Last year he took on the role again, wearing black jogging pants, a red sweater and Santa Claus hat. However, then the pants got too small for him.

"He called me and said 'Nana you’ve got to make me a Santa Claus suit because it's Christmas and I haven't got one.'

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"Almost $100 dollars later he had his red suit,” she said.

She said then came the hunt for a wide black belt.

"His grandfather had a brand-new leather belt. We took it and cut it, making a belt for him."

The beard, hat and Santa glasses were purchased at a party store by a relative in Las Vegas. He even has a Santa bag now.

Doyle said her great-grandson is quite timid and shy, but any inhibitions seem to disappear when he puts the Santa suit on.

“It’s so nice seeing him going up to the seniors saying ‘Merry Christmas,’ ‘Have a good Christmas’ and giving them a candy cane.

"He said, ‘Santa doesn’t really go see the older people,’ so that’s why he wants to."

He has visited some seniors homes, walked Plummer Avenue in New Waterford and visited in Glace Bay.

Bella Warren, a resident of the Minto Street seniors complex, said when Campbell stopped in for a visit she took him to see a woman confined to her room who had a nurse with her.

“She was all hooked up to intravenous. Lucas went up to her and said 'Merry Christmas,' and she smiled.

"After we left the room he said, 'I want to go to the hospital and help make other older people smile.'"

As resident Fabian Murphy took a candy cane from Campbell in the Minto Street social room Tuesday, the song "Here Comes Santa Claus" was playing in the background.

Murphy said the little boy was a joy to see coming.

"At this time of the year, with all the stress off the season, it's an ideal way to cheer people up — especially senior citizens."

While walking by Reserve Street in Glace Bay, motorists honked and waved.

Partners Darren Tracey and Michelle MacDonald were ecstatic to see him.

“This is so awesome,” the couple said while taking selfies with him.

Lucas’s mother Jillian Campbell said her son loves being Santa.

“He’s got to be Santa Claus all the time — January to December."

Campbell, who attends Greenfield Elementary School in Scotchtown, said he even took his Santa suit to school last week. He said the real Santa Claus showed up.

“Santa told me he liked my suit. I stood at the front of the room with him.”

He even wore his suit on the school bus.

“There was someone sitting beside me who would ask the kids what they wanted for Christmas to help me. That person is going to dress as an elf next year.”

Lucas said he plans to expand his role next year by building a sleigh.

He’s hoping Santa will help him out and has even put in an extra special request on his own Christmas list.

“I’m asking for reindeer for Christmas this year — all eight of them,” he added.

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