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Sienna Miller and Naomi Campbell get party-season ready in glitter gowns

Sienna Miller and Naomi Campbell get party-season ready in glitter gowns for theatre awards

When you have as many party season invites as Naomi Campbell and Sienna Miller, it makes sense to get an early start.

And the model duo were clad in their Christmas best on Sunday night, as they showed off their festive sparkle, just shy of December.

Sienna stepped out in a stunning rose-coloured dress with silver accents as she attended the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards at The London Palladium, while Naomi went all out in a dazzling gold floor sweeper.

Movie star Sienna looked elegant on the arm of her debonair boyfriend Tom Sturridge who dressed in a top hat and bow tie.

She showed off her slender shoulders in a glistening gown that sat in a scalloped edge over the tops her arms, while drawing attention to her narrow waist with the boned bodice.

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In keeping with her rock and roll counterpart, Sienna wore her hair messed up with a light wave, achieving that effortlessly chic edge that made the couple look achingly cool.

As he delivered his signature squint for the wall of cameras, she was bright-eyed and adorably buoyant on the red carpet, shooting wide smiles in all directions.

Equally, Naomi was the life and soul, embracing British culture while schmoozing with hosts Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon.

The two men, dressed handsomely in their dickie bows for the theatre appreciation event, looked pleased as punch to be stealing a snap with the catwalk veteran.

Ever the red carpet siren, Naomi was unmissable in a beaded gown that plunged between her cleavage right to her middle.

Even on the hallways of the Palladium, the model couldn't resist working her famous runway walk for the high flying faces at the champagne reception.

Naomi was showing her new fringed 'do, as she softened her saucy neckline with a feathered front to her raven locks.

International supermodel Naomi wasn't the only high profile guest at the event that night though, as the newspaper awards welcomed attendance from Mr and Mrs David Beckham as well as Benedict Cumberbatch and Anna Wintour.

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