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Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Wednesday: My wedding day was a disaster, but it was still the best day of my life

Every week, we feature stories our readers have shared with us, celebrating diverse personal experiences that uplift, inspire and just plain make us smile.

We recently asked our readers to share their wedding day disaster stories with us, that despite the fumbles, still became one of the happiest days of their lives.

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Today we share the story of a long-married couple Kenyon and Jody out of Fallon, Nevada. Their troubles started with guest cancellations and ended in a near mishap with their cake.

Here's what they had to say about their big day.

Describe your wedding. When did things start to go wrong at the wedding? Specifically, what happened?

One thing after another went wrong during the days leading up to our wedding. It started with my best friend and her 9-year-old daughter who were to be my maid of honor and flower girl. A few days before the wedding she called to tell me both she and her daughter had acute bronchitis and would not be able to come.

Luckily my future sister-in-law who was coming down from Oregon for the wedding was able to wear my friend's maid of honor dress. Although we barely knew each other, she stepped in. We ended up with no flower girl in the end.

In a Mormon temple marriage (called a sealing) there is another special ceremony (called an endowment ceremony) that takes place prior to the wedding itself that can either be done the same day or some time earlier. We had opted for the same day. Only a simple white dress is worn during the endowment ceremony, not an elaborate dress like the one I would wear for the reception. Well, I had made prior arrangements to be allowed to change from the simple white dress to the more elaborate wedding dress between the two ceremonies. Once we were done with the endowment ceremony, I asked about being escorted back to where my wedding dress was being kept so I could change in time for our sealing appointment.

When I said something about needing to change I was initially told that that was not allowed. I kept telling them I had made arrangements and my dress was in a special room waiting for me. I went through about four or five people before one of them finally took me down to get changed. By the time I got back from changing we had missed our allotted time slot for the sealing, so we had to sneak into a time slot between some other couples.

We had also planned the reception for that same day later in the evening. It was to be held at a local Mormon church in the cultural hall, which I had arranged for several months ahead of time. In the afternoon we went down to start setting up the tables and decorations only to find a live band setting up on the stage, though we had not arranged for a live band.

It turned out that someone had double booked the building with a youth dance that night. Luckily our reception would end right before the dance was to start, and we agreed to finish our reception 15 minutes early to accommodate.

Lastly, we almost didn't even have a cake. It was supposed to be delivered by the bakery shortly before the reception but no one showed up. We sent a friend to the bakery to find out what was going on and it was closed. We could see the cake sitting on a table, but there was no one there. We were able to track down the owner of the shop, and the cake was finally delivered towards the end of the night. Phew!

By that time my husband and I were laughing about all the things that were going wrong. We were practically in hysterics.

What made your wedding the most memorable and special, regardless of the way the day panned out?

Through all these fiascoes I was thankful to discover that my husband was a very easy-going guy and just let everything roll off his back. Every time something went wrong, he just laughed at it and said it would be fine. The most important things happened; I was sealed to my husband for time and all eternity, and we were able to celebrate with those we loved. Everything else was just unimportant.

We will celebrate our 29th year of marriage this December, and sometimes we feel that our wedding was a representation of our married life together. It seems that one thing after another still goes wrong in life, but I am still thankful that my husband is just as easy-going as he was back then and that we can find the humor in our troubles.

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