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The clothing trend's juvenile counterpart


Forget normcore. Meet babycore, the clothing trend's juvenile counterpart

The normcore trend may have put your more fashionable friends in dad jeans and heather gray last year. Now, thanks to a New York artist, the same friends may soon be dressing in adult-sized versions of 90s infantwear.

Matt Starr, a 26-year-old new media artist, reckons he has pioneered “babycore”. Inspired by normcore, he and his “conceptual designer” roommate Bryn Taubensee have re-created Starr’s favorite Gymboree threads “stitch for stitch” in adult sizes, including a giant version of his Osh Kosh B’Gosh romper suit.

“I think it’s a lot about that carefree sense of style, but also sense of attitude,” said Starr of the clothes’ appeal. “Everything is always so serious.” He adds that his work was also partially inspired by his mother, who told him he was regressing: “She said, ‘Matthew, most adults don’t dress like babies’.”

However, Starr eventually reveals that the work’s real intention was to critique branding and marketing. “[The inspiration] was more of the absurdity of labeling something, and have it become such a powerhouse idea and represent something that didn’t need representation.”

Image: white formal dresses

The Indiana University graduate’s previous work has attracted interest from the fashion community. His installation Diet in the Safari Gallery in New York’s Soho was sponsored by DKNY and saw everything – from treadmills to cigarettes to condoms – emblazoned with the namesake word.

Starr says that it was a comment on how making something “diet” and removing its calorific heft makes it more successful, much in the way the New York downtown arts scene has never been more popular despite a current lack of substance compared with its 70s heyday.

Starr hopes to grow the babycore concept into giant size “playroom”, and said he’s had interest in the concept from several companies and talkshows. However, he is adamant that the work has nothing to do with the “adult baby” sexual subculture.

Nonetheless, internet commentators have looked upon Starr’s latest work with a measure of disgust and amusement – much to the artist’s delight. “It means people are taking it really seriously.”

“Every time a new 90s trend comes back we’re forced to assess whether we’ve gone too far,” wrote Hannah Ongley for Styleite. “However, there’s only a 0.01% chance (never say never) I’ll be buying into nostalgia’s latest step backwards.” Others described the clothes as “worrying”.

Though he has also posed in a Louis Vuitton-branded nappy, Starr says that he is a conservative dresser in real life. In many photos he is wearing a standard white button-up or a nondescript wool blazer. “I wear very normal clothes,” the artist concluded – more normcore than babycore.

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NGV's The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier unworthy of a great art museum


NGV's The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier unworthy of a great art museum

There are fashion designers such as the enigmatic Martin Margiela who refuse to be photographed or to give interviews. Then there is Jean Paul Gaultier, the only designer to have hosted a weekly TV program, presented the MTV Europe Music Awards, and recorded a house music hit song called Aow Tou Dou Zat.

Like Andy Warhol, whose recipe for success was "Go to all the parties", Gaultier has always pursued self-promotion as the surest form of brand promotion. As trademarks his peroxide close-crop and striped jersey are almost as recognisable as Warhol's silvery wig.

It sounds calculated but in both his designs and his personality Gaultier acts as a free spirit. He has an anything-goes ethos that allows him to roam freely across different ages and ethnicities when searching for inspiration. He is genuinely inclusive, being known for his practice of putting models of all ages, races, shapes and sizes onto the catwalk.

Gaultier's approach to fashion values creative freedom and fun. Even his outrageous French accent is used to disarming effect. He sounds like a character invented by Hanna-Barbera, and probably wouldn't have it any other way. He has been described so many times as an enfant terrible he must shudder when he hears the term nowadays, especially since he turned 60.

Photo: vintage formal dresses

I knew all this before I entered the show, The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk, at the National Gallery of Victoria. I knew it, but was quite unprepared for the visceral shock of the presentation. The display is so over-the-top I thought I was hallucinating. It was like watching the Apocalypse designed by Ken Russell, or perhaps Baz Luhrmann.

The fact that this lurid spectacle is proving popular with audiences is good news for the NGV's coffers but disturbing in terms of what it says about our cultural predilections. Will the audiences that have flocked to Gaultier come back for a show of Old Master paintings or Chinese artefacts? Conversely, will the NGV be obliged to keep hosting pop culture extravaganzas to keep up the good numbers?

I'm emphatically not a cultural snob who believes fashion has no place in the temples of high art, but Gaultier's unbridled invention leaves one longing for another Sol LeWitt survey.

It's partly to do with the riotous manner of staging this show, partly the all-pervasive cult of celebrity that envelops the event. The exhibition, now in its ninth incarnation as part of a world tour, comes with a small, home-made catalogue that includes an "essay" which is more of a shopping guide telling you where to buy Gaultier in Australia; and a series of utterly banal chapters on the designer's Australian "muses": Kylie Minogue, Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman; and models, Gemma Ward, Andreja Pejic, Catherine McNeil and Alexandra Agoston.

The only interviewee of any interest is Pejic, who has enjoyed a unique career as a transgendered fashion model. The other "muses" simply tell us what a jolly fellow Gaultier is, while he tells us how much he loves them.

The trouble with this sort of magazine-style fairy floss is that it is unworthy of a great art museum. The world's leading art institutions have justified their growing taste for fashion exhibitions with the conviction that fashion must be taken seriously as an innovative artform, social artefact and conveyer of ideas. Take a scholarly approach to Yves Saint Laurent, Issey Miyake, or even Alexander McQueen, and it's surprising what emerges.

It's possible that Gaultier could sustain this kind of attention. Merely to investigate and catalogue his sources of inspiration would be a task to keep a fashion historian busy for months. He might be analysed in terms of the musical subcultures his outfits reflect; or the pop stars he has clothed, from Madonna to Marilyn Manson. He has also designed costumes for films by Pedro Almodovar, Peter Greenaway, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Luc Besson.

None of this is explored in the embarrassing little "muses" catalogue, and so an opportunity is lost to make sense of the sprawling frenzy of the exhibition. If the fashion show offers the art museum a window onto a popular audience, the art museum confers artistic and intellectual credibility on the couturier. Or at least it should.

The dreariness of our celebrity culture – virtually a contradiction-in-terms – should not be celebrated at the NGV. Imagine if a well-known artist's retrospective catalogue was solely devoted to testimonials saying what a great guy he was.

While one may be famous without being completely vapid the condition of "celebrity" turns everyone into an image, whether we are talking about Kim Kardashian or Stephen Hawking. It would have been best to focus on Gaultier the designer, rather than Jean Paul the international party boy.

Being famous may be the result of Gaultier's imagination and hard work, but it is not an end in itself. Stardom today is cheaply won and easily lost. We make a fetish of those who are rich or glamorous without considering what talent and application it takes to achieve that state. It's as if being in the social pages were a gift of God.

Because couturiers have been turning up in art museums with ever-greater frequency since the 1980s there has been much thought devoted to the problem of how to make an engaging display from a collection of inanimate garments. It could be argued that fashion only comes alive when it is attached to a living body. An abundance of mannequins soon grows monotonous, no matter how extreme the clothes.

Exhibition designers have included elaborate lighting schemes, theatrical sets, soundtracks, and numerous videos of catwalk events to offset the static nature of the fashion display. The Gaultier show has every trick in the book, including hologrammed faces projected on the mannequins, making them look as if they were alive. It has the effect of turning the show into one monstrous distraction. By the end my senses had been thoroughly monstered, but I could hardly remember what I'd been looking at.

It may be a fair reflection of the untrammelled nature of Gaultier's fantasy, which may draw on fetish and bondage gear, the hats and forelocks of Hasidic Jews, the veins and organs of the human body, the street style of the Punks, the body ornamentation of African tribes, or the layered animal pelts of Arctic dwellers.

On the way he channels the Surrealist games of Schiaparelli, the Grecian gowns of Madame Gres, and the metallic futurism of Paco Rabanne or Andre Courrèges. In truth, no designer is safe from his borrowings and pastiches. Everything is pulled together with infectious energy and more than a hint of comedy.

The pieces for which Gaultier is best known are strongly satirical, notably the over-sized pointy tipped bra that looks as if it might take out the eye of anyone ogling the cleavage. When Gaultier put his male models in skirts, in his 1985 collection, And God Created Man, it was not simply an exercise in blurring gender distinctions but an assault on the dubious superiority of those who "wear the pants". It was also a way of undermining the perennially safe and conservative nature of men's fashion, which has hardly moved on since the invention of the suit.

For all his iconoclasm what we see in this show is a mere fragment of Gaultier's business empire, which extends into perfumes, accessories, children's wear, and even furniture. The excesses of the catwalk may help establish a couturier's reputation, but the money flows from pret-a-porter lines, fragrances, and licensing a brand name to a variety of low cost products. This is how Yves Saint-Laurent became a multi-million dollar company, and it's almost certainly the case with Gaultier.

There is, however, a large element of Peter Pan in Gaultier. He is still the little boy we see in the old photographs with his fashion-loving grandmere, who allowed him to make a pointy bra for his teddy bear. He has no desire to grow up and enter the boring world of adults. His chosen profession has allowed him to make that refusal into a way of life.

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Argos bolsters fashion range with exclusive Cherokee deal

Argos bolsters fashion range with exclusive Cherokee deal

The retailer will stock a range of Cherokee clothing, accessories and footwear for the autumn/winter 2015 season.

Customers will be able to purchase the new lines in-store, through the Argos catalogue and online.

Cherokee was previously stocked by supermarket giantTesco, but it has now agreed to stock its goods exclusively atArgos from the summer.

The Cherokee at Argos range will be launched with a marketing campaign in stores, online and on social media.

Argos’s chief operating officer David Robinson said: “Part of our transformation strategy is to broaden our product ranges and bring on board more great brands which our customers know and want.

Photo: kissydressinau formal dresses sydney

“Cherokee is already a well-established clothing brand with UK shoppers and we are pleased to be able to offer our customers convenient, nationwide access to a range of new, quality Cherokee products later this year.”

Henry Stupp, chief executive of Cherokee said: “We are looking forward to the continued globalisation of the Cherokee brand through our new partnership with Argos.

“The UK market, in particular, enjoys extremely high awareness and consumer satisfaction with Cherokee branded products.

“We believe the collaboration with Argos through online, catalogue and in-store will provide a great home with a successful, growth-oriented partner that is able to fully realise the potential of the Cherokee brand.”

Cherokee joins a growing list of fashion brands on offer at Argos. The retailer already stocks Puma, Firetrap and Baby Converse.

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Stalker who told former EastEnders actress 'you will be my wife'


Paul Mason told Ms Kinsella he had bought her a wedding dress, as well as showering her with gifts.

The 40-year-old left rambling messages on her answer machine and repeatedly sent her text messages referring to her as "pumpkin".

The messages included: "Your wedding dress is ready pumpkin" and "Pumpkin, I will be coming down Saturday to see you and the kids" - in reference to the True Stars Academy, her performing arts school for children in Hoxton, east London.

He followed her to public events and even visited the grave of her dead teenage brother Ben, who was stabbed to death aged 16.

Mason, from Hatfield in Hertfordshire, once turned up at an event with perfume, oils, a scarf and numerous CDs containing his own recordings.

On another occasion at the Lion Centre, next to Millwall Football Club, he managed to get close enough to hug Ms Kinsella.

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The actress, who gave evidence from behind a screen, told Bromley Magistrates court: "I had been given a warning from the Home Office about him which really frightened me.

"The whole thing was just really worrying. Without having been told by the police to be vigilant I might not have been so worried about it." S

"I remember noticing him at the Lion Centre in the crowd. Then all of a sudden he came up to me and hugged me.

"I didn't know what to do. There was a lot of press and people around so I just kept it short and sweet and said 'Hi Paul' and left it at that."

On another occasion, he arrived at the Bromley Theatre when Miss Kinsella was taking part in a dress rehearsal.

Mason had arrived and one of the theatre staff had told her "friend" was waiting for her.

She continued: "When I saw the message 'you will be my wife' it really shocked me. It was frightening.

"I felt really very threatened by his messages and the whole thing was escalating before me. That was what worried me the most."

In another incident, he turned up at the Ben Kinsella Trust with two bags of presents.

When he was told that Ms Kinsella was not there, he "became aggressive" and lifted his shirt to reveal a stab wound.

In a victim impact statement, the 31-year-old actress said: "It has impacted me in terms of worrying me because it has been going on for so long.

"I never know when he is going to turn up. I work with young people...I have to be extremely cautious.

"I don't know what he's capable of. I feel anxious about giving evidence."

As Mason was jailed for 26 weeks, he declared: "I don't give a s***".

He was also handed an indefinite restraining order banning him for contacting Ms Kinsella.

Sentencing Mason, lead magistrate Alan Dee said: "In the process of the trial, the victim needed to relive the offences and give evidence.

'You have a track record of previously harassing individuals.

"You have been calculated in your conduct.

"We need to take into account the prolonged nature of the offences and the impact on Miss Kinsella - she couldn't know when you would turn up.

"Your previous record in this area is not good. There are four previous harassment convictions since 2008 and so the period of custody will be one of 26 weeks."

Mason shouted: "You're going to take into consideration that I was stabbed and my mum died from being stabbed? I'm appealing the conviction and the sentence."

Mason, who refused to co-operate in the preparation of a pre-sentence psychiatric report, was banned from going to Finsbury Library, entering the N1 area of London, attending any location where Ms Kinsella is present and contacting her directly or indirectly.

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Mariposa Soroptimist to Host the Elegant Dress Closet Tea and Fashion Show on January 24, 2015

Mariposa Soroptimist to Host the Elegant Dress Closet Tea and Fashion Show on January 24, 2015

Soroptimist International of Mariposa is hosting the Elegant Dress Closet Tea and Fashion Show on Saturday, January 24, 2015, noon to 2 p.m. at the Mariposa Senior Center at 5246 Spriggs Lane. Tickets are $12 and are available for purchase from any Soroptimist member, at Happy Burger Diner or Starchman & Bryant Law Offices, or at the door. Tea and a light lunch consisting of tea sandwiches and cookies will be served. The Fashion Show will showcase the formal dresses collected by The Elegant Dress Closet. Ticket proceeds will fund the continuance of this local service project.

The Elegant Dress Closet mission statement is “to provide an affordable and environmentally conscious way to give girls in Mariposa County a magnificent princess experience.” Since its creation in 2012, the Mariposa County community has generously cleaned out their closets and donated over 400 formal dresses suitable for high school Prom.


The dresses are selected at the annual Soroptimist and MCHS Associated Student Body sponsored Prom Faire and lent to any high school girls within Mariposa County attending the Mariposa County High School Prom or similar type event. This year’s Prom Faire will be held on March 7th.

If you have a dress to donate, dresses will be cheerfully accepted at Starchman & Bryant Law Offices, in care of Anita Starchman Bryant at 4750 Highway 49 South.

Contact Pat Wight at (209) 742-7780 for more information about the Tea and Fashion Show event, the Elegant Dress Closet or dress pick-up. You can also learn more about The Elegant Dress Closet and Soroptimist on Facebook.

Keira Knightley Looks Gorgeous in a Delpozo Ensemble


Keira Knightley Looks Gorgeous in a Delpozo Ensemble at the Critics' Choice Awards

Keira Knightley is having a prairie moment. Just earlier this week, at the 72nd Golden Globe Awards, Knightley surprised all, donning a Chanel gown that started a social media debate—fugly, or fabulous? Women’s Wear Daily’s Executive Editor Bridget Foley quickly came to her defense, backing up the actress’ Edwardian era style dress from Chanel’s Pre-Fall 2015 collection.

Knightley’s gown apparently took 30 people to make over the course of a week. The tiered ensemble looked adorable on Knightley’s baby bump. Now, only a few days later, she takes a page from Mother Nature’s book again, wearing a light blue Delpozo gown at the 2015 Critic’s Choice Awards.

Photo: formal dresses

The gorgeous gown features a mini Peter Pan collar and a high A-line waist. With beautiful beading resembling flowers and mini leaves, and a long, dramatic train, the sleeveless dress is the perfect mix of cool and elegant. Knightley shows us just how to carry pregnancy beautifully and radiantly.

Her make up was kept natural and earthy, with a slight brown smoky eye and a light plum lip. Knightley’s hair was arranged with a side part and pulled back into an elegant bun. Jewels were made by Aurélie Bidermann to compliment the beading on the dress.

Knightley attended the award show with husband James Righton. The 29-year-old actress is nominated for two awards tonight—Best Supporting Actress for The Imitation Game and Best Song for her ballad in Begin Again. Whichever way the wind blows tonight, Knightley has already won with her classically exquisite dress.

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Bella Thorne mixes punk with comfort as she hits another fashion high note


Bella Thorne mixes punk with comfort as she hits another fashion high note in leather jacket and boots

She has long wowed trendsetters, and on Tuesday Bella Thorne proved her parade of eye-catching attire was more than just a lucky streak.

The 17-year-old showed off her fashion prowess as she stepped out in an edgy leather jacket and charcoal boots during an outing in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The flame haired actress and singer mixed punk with comfort as she strolled through a parking lot with her phone in hand.

Bella's red locks tumbled down in beachy waves and were partially hidden beneath a floppy grey beanie.

She paired her statement leather number with a black scoop neck blouse, matching skinnies, and a soft grey sweater.

After zipping through her handy phone, the Disney Channel starlet flashed a soft smile while appearing to strike a pose in front of a parked car.

Photo: http://www.kissydressinau.com/cheap-formal-dresses

Bella's fashion star has been on the rise, with the actress once again making a name for herself in the style industry as she walked the People's Choice Awards red carpet in a masculine chic black suit last Wednesday.

And Bella isn't just hot property in the fashion world it seems, as it was revealed last week that her role in upcoming teen movie The Duff will fetch her $100k, minimum.

TMZ reports that the star, who made her name on Disney's Shake It Up, stands to receive triple the salary if the movie is a hit and finally, if it grosses more than $60M her bonuses could be as much as $200k.

Bella plays 'mean girl' Madison in The Duff - an acronym for Designated Ugly Fat Friend - who is a bullying character who has seemingly instigated a social pecking order into her high school.

The Duff will focus on Biana (Mae Whitman) who is shocked to discover she holds the title of The Duff amongst her group of pretty friends, and starts a course to reverse her status.

The high school comedy will hit U.S. theatres on February 20, 2015.

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Pregnant Jessica Pare is joined by Mad Men co-stars Elisabeth Moss


Pregnant Jessica Pare is joined by Mad Men co-stars Elisabeth Moss and Kiernan Shipka as she shows off bump at AFI Awards

Jessica Pare dazzled in a plunging midnight blue dress that showcased her blooming baby bump - and ample cleavage - as she attended the AFI Awards on Friday in Beverly Hills.

The 34-year-old actress - who is pregnant with her first child - was joined at the Hollywood event by her Mad Men co-stars Elisabeth Moss and Kiernan Shipka.

Back in October, the Mad Men actress confirmed she was expecting her first child with rocker boyfriend John Kastner, who already has a seven-year-old daughter from a previous marriage.

And the mother-to-be looked positively blissful as she posed at the prestigious Hollywood event that honours ten distinguished television shows and eleven movies from 2014.

Mad Men will be recognised alongside hit TV shows Orange Is The New Black, Jane The Virgin, and How To Get Away With Murder.

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Jessica's chocolate locks were worn down in loose curls, and she complimented her natural beauty with mascara and a touch of light pink lipstick.

Her co-stars opted for a rather less modest attire, with both 15-year-old Kiernan and Elisabeth, 32, sporting patterned mini dresses.

Kiernan's honey locks were slicked back into a no-fuss bun, and she finished off her floral ensemble with a pair of strappy black heels.

Elisabeth, meanwhile, took the plunge in a flashy floral dress that showcased her cleavage and toned pins.

The girls were later joined by co-star Jon Hamm, who sported a sharp, if slightly frumpy, grey suit.

The actor did not appear to be joined by his girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt.

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Fashion designer Nadya Toto


Nadya Toto is the living embodiment of her designs: pretty, self-possessed and laced with refinement. She is a full-time fashion designer with a wide-eyed young daughter to raise and still exudes quiet serenity.

After a half hour chat, it dawns on me that Toto’s secret is to productively channel her stress. Toto is of the breed of creative working mothers and smiles when she speaks of 6 a.m. gym trips.

Her unassuming ease comes through in her designs. Toto has released over 50 collections since launching her label 25 years ago. With her new F/W 2015 collection, she brings to the fore signature dress designs, handmade lace and elegant zipper-less ease. To scan her latest catalogue is to absorb an aesthetic of beauty without edges or angles. Toto’s dresses are for the effortlessly feminine woman with little need for excess.

“My main focus is the fabric itself, because my cuts are very simple,” Toto explains. “There is nothing really complicated; it’s more about the shape, the fit and the quality.”

“I work very closely with some Italian mills… but I don’t just buy fabrics, I also create fabrics.”

Descended from an Italian lace maker, Toto remains loyal to her creative European roots. She is a lifelong Montrealer who has been living and working in Beaconsfield for over a decade now. My conversation with her reveals she has a predictable fondness for swanky Italian restos and unwavering respect for pure and soulful designers.

How would describe your own style?

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I wear black! And I’m behind the camera, backstage. Believe it or not when I have to go out, it’s like I’m blocked. Like my head is just not there. I guess I’m there to design for the rest of the world.

Where do you shop for clothes in Montreal?

Honestly I don’t shop much… Cabinet Éphémère is great to explore though. There was a selection made with a jury that chose the designers and the most beautiful thing about the concept is that it’s clothing that is all made here.

If you look around you have the best of the best for everything. Like I didn’t know there were these designers like CANTIN doing these incredible bags. And shoe designer Anastasia Radevich. We have so much talent in Montreal, and it’s important to buy items made here.

I had a lot of sales from tourists there. Because you know the tourists, when you go to a certain country you like to buy something from that country.

Who’s your favourite Montreal designer?

Interior designer Eva Mazur. First of all as a person I find she’s so down-to-earth and has a human touch. Because in design there are different kinds of people… She actually worked on my house so that’s how I know how she works, and she revamped a lot of houses in Westmount and downtown Montreal. Unbelievable transformations and beautiful work.

She’s very pure and elegant in her design, she sort of believes in “less is more.” She also studied fashion so she has a sense of that too, everything has to do with upholstery.

Of course, she has to respect the theme that the client gives her. My theme was “beach” because I just want to be at the beach! I think the challenge for an interior designer is that people have fundamental things that they don’t want to give away. As a designer it’s a challenge when the client has sentimental things, so she’s very good at incorporating those things from everyday life, like things that my great-grandmother gave to me.

Which Montreal designer do you think deserves to be better known?

Renata Morales! She is super talented. She’s a designer, but she has stopped doing fashion week in past years. But she has a lot of talent. She is a true artist, and not afraid to put her imagination into action. For me I wish I could hear her name a little bit more.

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Bono Might Not Play Guitar Again Following Bike Accident


Bono Might Not Play Guitar Again Following Bike Accident

U2 vocalist and songwriter Bono has said he might not be able to play guitar again as a result of the injuries he sustained in a biking accident in November, according to a BBC report.

In his review of the past year, titled "Little Book of a Big Year: Bono's A to Z of 2014," on the band's website, Bono mentioned the bike crash in Central Park and how it has affected him.

"As I write this, it is not clear that I will ever play guitar again. The band have reminded me that neither they nor Western civilization are depending on this," he said with his sense of humor.

He said the "massive injury" is something he has only himself to blame because he "blanked out on impact" and can't remember how he ended up in New York Presbyterian with his "humerus bone sticking though [his] leather jacket," according to the Independent.

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The 54-year-old rock star said the consequences of the crash are "significant enough" that he will have to "concentrate hard to be ready for the U2 tour" physically.

To make this possible, he has cancelled all scheduled appearances before the tour, deciding to make the roundup the only communication he would make for the first half of the year, he said.

Bono also made mention of other aspects of his health, particularly his glaucoma, according to Billboard.

"It certainly surprised the band that I'd gone public, but maybe it is time to be honest about such things. I remember the agony of flashbulb staying permanently in my vision for the rest of the day after I'd been photographed. I had many eye checks over the years but one of the sly things about this 'silent thief' is that you can have 20/20 vision straight ahead for some years even after your peripheral vision goes."

Of the upcoming tour with U2, he said: "U2 is a live band. Live is where we live or die. The songs continue to grow night after night. We have some extraordinary ideas up our sleeve for this tour I've just got to be rebuilt by 14th May."

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Burberry Opening Store In Miami's Design District


Burberry Opening Store In Miami's Design District

Burberry will be opening a new retail store in the Miami Design District on Jan. 9. The two-story location will sell a selection of womenswear and menswear; including its Prorsum, London and Brit collections, as well as accessories, beauty, fragrance and make-up.

The new store will be located on 39th Street and under the design direction of Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer Christopher Bailey, according to a statement from the brand.

Burberry's content and live events will be broadcast directly onto video screens with enhanced audio-visual capabilities in the Miami store. The stream comes from the brand's global headquarters in London and is enabled by the Burberry Retail Theater concept.

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iPads hooked up to Burberry.com will be carried by store associates in Miami for unlimited access to the brand's stock. Additionally, an in-store service will allow customers to collect online purchases at the brick-and-mortar location.

Two weeks ago, Burberry revealed its spring 2015 campaign starring Jourdan Dunn and Naomi Campbell.

"Burberry is such an iconic brand and I feel very proud to be a part of their campaign and their team," Dunn told British Vogue when the campaign was released.

"This campaign is even more special for me because I was shot with Naomi Campbell for the first time — someone who I admire and respect within the fashion industry," she added.

Mario Testino photographed the models, and Burberry's Bailey acted as creative director of the shoot.

"I admire what Christopher and the entire Burberry family are doing so it's great to be back working with the brand again," Campbell told British Vogue about Burberry earlier this month.

"We've all witnessed the evolution of this great British brand and it is a privilege to be a part of its continuing progress within the world of fashion. It is always a pleasure to work with Mario Testino; we came up in the business together 28 years ago, so have an understanding and ease in working together," she added.

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These Are 2014′s Most-Gifted Fashion And Beauty Items According To Amazon


In the wake of any holiday shopping whirlwind, it’s time to come down from the consumer-high and assess the damage. For you that may entail reacquainting yourself with your account balance, moving from anger all the way through to acceptance until you’re ready to attack those post-Christmas sales. For Kate Middleton, it means fretting about how she could have let her outfit be upstaged by the queen’s, on Christmas of all days! For Amazon, I assume it means that the packaging centers throw a raging party among the inventory as they tally up sales and release the results unto us. Here are some of the insane statistics they came up with:

Assuming the average customer moisturizes twice per day, Amazon sold enough O’Keeffe’s Hand and Foot Cream to provide a lifetime supply to the entire Seattle Seahawks football team roster. Horrible visual. Also, if every shoe from each pair of pumps purchased on Amazon this holiday season were stacked on top of each other they would equal 52 times the Empire State Building. And finally, the number of pairs of cowboy boots Amazon Fashion customers purchased this holiday season is enough to provide a new pair of boots to the population of Cheyenne, Wyoming, home of one of the largest rodeos. I guess cowboy boots are a rather nice gift.

Check out the top-sellers in every category: Are these 2014′s must-have products? Did they make an appearance on your gift list? Or perhaps…your post-holiday shopping list?

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May I present to you, the top three beauty products of the 2014 holiday season: L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream, stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner, and the LORAC PRO Palette. Everyone knows L’Occitane is God’s gift to winter grandma hand syndrome, and I personally use this stila liner every day of my life. It certainly made an appearance on our Best Liquid Eyeliners list. I don’t have this PRO palette but I am absolutely loving the colors—any Lorac Pro palette devotees out there who can weigh in?


The top three in women’s apparel are as follows: the Columbia Women’s Benton Springs Full-Zip Fleece Jacket, the Playtex Women’s 18-Hour Original Comfort-Strap Bra, and the Hue Women’s Ultra Leggings with Wide Waistband. All pretty standard choices, though the only one I can personally attest to is that HUE makes great leggings (for lounging ONLY). Also, do people actually give bras as gifts? Seems like somewhat of a personal purchase, no?


I don’t want to poo poo on anyone’s Christmas gift, but I have to say that I find the top-three jewelry selections are fairly disappointing: the “I Love You To The Moon and Back” Two Piece Pendant Necklace, the Two-Toned “Mom I Love You To The Moon and Back” Pendant Necklace, and this Alex and Ani Bangle Bar “Path of Life” Rafaelian Bracelet. Sigh. While I am genuinely happy for the people who invented Alex and Ani, I wish these bracelets would fade into the background like power beads already. Dare to be different kids!


Amazon’s top three shoe purchases are: the Minnetonka Women’s Cally Faux Fur Slipper, Dr. Martens Women’s 1460 Originals Eight-Eye Lace-Up Boot, and the ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 20 Running Shoe. These all make perfect sense as holiday gifts, and in fact my sister received a pair of Doc Martens yesterday. Who knows if they’re good running sneakers but they do have some cool colors, and that’s what the informed consumer focuses on anyway.

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Victoria Mines boy dresses as Santa to spread holiday cheer


Campbell, of Victoria Mines, is catching attention wherever he goes spreading cheer as mini Santa Claus.

"I like being Santa because it makes everybody have a smile on their face," he said while visiting seniors at the Minto Street complex in Glace Bay on Tuesday.

"It makes me feel good."

Campbell's great-grandmother, Emily Doyle of New Waterford, said his role as Santa has continued to build for years.

She said that two years ago he was at his grandmother's house in Victoria Mines, playing with his little sister and cousin in the garage.

"They looked out and when they saw Lucas, couldn't believe it. He had a big red sweater on and a Santa hat, and he had made a paper beard. He was playing Santa Claus — the kids were on his lap."

Last year he took on the role again, wearing black jogging pants, a red sweater and Santa Claus hat. However, then the pants got too small for him.

"He called me and said 'Nana you’ve got to make me a Santa Claus suit because it's Christmas and I haven't got one.'

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"Almost $100 dollars later he had his red suit,” she said.

She said then came the hunt for a wide black belt.

"His grandfather had a brand-new leather belt. We took it and cut it, making a belt for him."

The beard, hat and Santa glasses were purchased at a party store by a relative in Las Vegas. He even has a Santa bag now.

Doyle said her great-grandson is quite timid and shy, but any inhibitions seem to disappear when he puts the Santa suit on.

“It’s so nice seeing him going up to the seniors saying ‘Merry Christmas,’ ‘Have a good Christmas’ and giving them a candy cane.

"He said, ‘Santa doesn’t really go see the older people,’ so that’s why he wants to."

He has visited some seniors homes, walked Plummer Avenue in New Waterford and visited in Glace Bay.

Bella Warren, a resident of the Minto Street seniors complex, said when Campbell stopped in for a visit she took him to see a woman confined to her room who had a nurse with her.

“She was all hooked up to intravenous. Lucas went up to her and said 'Merry Christmas,' and she smiled.

"After we left the room he said, 'I want to go to the hospital and help make other older people smile.'"

As resident Fabian Murphy took a candy cane from Campbell in the Minto Street social room Tuesday, the song "Here Comes Santa Claus" was playing in the background.

Murphy said the little boy was a joy to see coming.

"At this time of the year, with all the stress off the season, it's an ideal way to cheer people up — especially senior citizens."

While walking by Reserve Street in Glace Bay, motorists honked and waved.

Partners Darren Tracey and Michelle MacDonald were ecstatic to see him.

“This is so awesome,” the couple said while taking selfies with him.

Lucas’s mother Jillian Campbell said her son loves being Santa.

“He’s got to be Santa Claus all the time — January to December."

Campbell, who attends Greenfield Elementary School in Scotchtown, said he even took his Santa suit to school last week. He said the real Santa Claus showed up.

“Santa told me he liked my suit. I stood at the front of the room with him.”

He even wore his suit on the school bus.

“There was someone sitting beside me who would ask the kids what they wanted for Christmas to help me. That person is going to dress as an elf next year.”

Lucas said he plans to expand his role next year by building a sleigh.

He’s hoping Santa will help him out and has even put in an extra special request on his own Christmas list.

“I’m asking for reindeer for Christmas this year — all eight of them,” he added.

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Most-read fashion stories from 2014


1: Kate Middleton red cheeked as Aussie paper is second to publish bare bottom photos

An Australian newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch has become the second publication to run images of the Duchess of Cambridge's bare bottom in its pages.

The photograph, initially published in German magazine Bild, was taken by a photographer during the recent royal tour of Australia.

The Duke and Duchess were visiting the Blue Mountains near Sydney when a blast of wind from a nearby helicopter blew up her Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress and accidentally flashed her backside.

2: Miss World New Zealand crowned

Filipino beauty Arielle Garciano is the newly-crowned Miss World New Zealand after wowing judges with her stunning looks and outstanding efforts to raise money for a little girl from the Philippines who needed lifesaving facial surgery.

The Christchurch contestant towered over a field of 15 to land the coveted title of most beautiful women in the land at the final day of competition at Auckland's Rendezvous Grand Hotel.

3: VMAs red carpet: Bold, black and barely there

When picking a suitable ensemble for the VMAs one can push the fashion boundaries, shoving them so far that it's shocking - that's what we love about the red carpet at music events. It's this creativity we crave and consider when collating our galleries of must-see looks from the red carpet.

4: 'You lose a son, gain a daughter'

The father of a transgender beauty pageant contestant said he lost a son but gained a daughter in accepting her.

Kim Dwyer said he was at first in denial when his son Bronson told him he wanted to be a girl, but he had since recognised his daughter Amy for who she was.

"Obviously that's her goal in life and I'm not one to have grudges or anything, I just want the family to be happy. That's what makes her happy, so obviously I'll support her."

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5: Lara Bingle's brand denies bikini bungle

Lara Bingle came under fire, earlier this year, for copying designs in her new swimsuit range for Cotton On Body, but the brand stood by the Aussie bikini babe.

Swimsuit designer Lisa Marie Fernandez publicly accused the model of copying her label's signature style for her Lara Bingle For Cotton On Body range.

6: Kim Kardashian's bare-bottom broke the internet

Kim Kardashian put her famous derriere on the cover of a US magazine and got exactly the online reaction she wanted.

Within hours of posting the image of her oiled-up, Photoshop-enhanced behind, the internet went to town on creating their own versions, from centaurs to docking stations.

7: 'Incredible' teen model signs with top agency

A Kiwi teenager spotted on Instagram could soon be walking the catwalk with the likes of Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne after being signed by one of the world's largest modelling agencies.

62 Models manager Andrea Plowright knew Maia Cotton had the star factor and "belonged on the stage" the moment she spotted a picture of the 15-year-old on Instagram.

8: Jennifer Lawrence named world's sexiest woman

Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence was been named the sexiest woman in the world, topping the annual countdown of the top 100 by FHM magazine.

The Hunger Games actress succeeded 2013's winner Mila Kunis, who slipped to sixth place.

9: The Down Lowe: Trend spotting - monochrome (+photos)

Life & Style blogger Katherine Lowe says that you can very rarely ever go wrong with a monochromatic look.

"People might say it's boring to wear black all the time but there's a reason why it's done - it's easy, slimming, goes with pretty much everything. It looks good. White is almost the same (minus the slimming, maybe a little less easy). In my opinion, an all white look is very chic if you've got the confidence to actually do it."

10: The outfit Madonna was banned from wearing to the Met ball

Madonna's strappy bondage 'outfit' was vetoed by US editor Anna Wintour at the Met Ball last night.

But not even the high priestess of fashion can tell Madonna what to do, so she scrapped the event entirely and stayed at home instead, deciding to share a picture of herself wearing the contentious ensemble on Instagram - her chest strapped in by white strips of fabric.

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Teenage fashion designer creates holiday collection


Regina’s Sage Wosminity has had a passion for fashion since she was five, learning to sew at her grandmother’s knee.

In May, at age 15, she made national headlines during Saskatchewan Fashion Week (SFW) as the youngest designer to show a collection at a Canadian fashion week event. Her collection sold out at the trunk show that followed her runway debut.

Now, she has presented a 13-piece holiday collection, which was showcased at a recent fashion show at Cade Style Lounge in Regina.

“I really wanted to make dresses that you could wear to a fancy party or a house party,” the 16-year-old high school student explained in a recent interview. “You can wear these to both.”

Wosminity sewed the entire collection herself. “I started working on it in June.”

Her holiday collection features party dresses, as well as fun, playful tops and skirts. Her silk and satin fabrics were locally sourced at Fabricland.

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The young, emerging designer has a knack for getting her designs noticed. She was wearing one of her creations when she met Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepson at the 2013 Juno Awards in Regina. The entertainer commented on Wosminity’s design.

And Miss World Canada, Annora Bourgeault of Regina, was sporting a cropped top and long skirt designed by Wosminity at the Miss World competition in London.

“I first met Sage when she was about nine or 10, and I saw talent in her and knew if she kept up with her dream of being a designer she could be successful. She has the talent,” said veteran fashion designer Dean Renwick, who has nurtured many young Saskatchewan proteges. “I found her first collection for SFW very contemporary and sophisticated and was not surprised she sold all of her collection at the show. I am sure she will do great at Cade; she knows her target market and caters to it very well.”

“It’s important for SFW to showcase young emerging talent,” said Chelsea O’Connell, one of three directors who spearheaded the provincial fashion event.

“Mentorship is a crucial part of Saskatchewan Fashion Week. By giving Sage the opportunity to showcase her holiday collection and sell it afterwards in a well-known retail environment, it helps Sage to learn crucial parts of the fashion world, such as deadlines, marketing, organizing her own fashion show and seeing product sell through,” said O’Connell, owner of Cade Style Lounge.

“Sage’s holiday collection, like her inaugural spring collection, was fun & flirty — very appropriate for her demographic.”

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Sienna Miller and Naomi Campbell get party-season ready in glitter gowns

Sienna Miller and Naomi Campbell get party-season ready in glitter gowns for theatre awards

When you have as many party season invites as Naomi Campbell and Sienna Miller, it makes sense to get an early start.

And the model duo were clad in their Christmas best on Sunday night, as they showed off their festive sparkle, just shy of December.

Sienna stepped out in a stunning rose-coloured dress with silver accents as she attended the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards at The London Palladium, while Naomi went all out in a dazzling gold floor sweeper.

Movie star Sienna looked elegant on the arm of her debonair boyfriend Tom Sturridge who dressed in a top hat and bow tie.

She showed off her slender shoulders in a glistening gown that sat in a scalloped edge over the tops her arms, while drawing attention to her narrow waist with the boned bodice.

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In keeping with her rock and roll counterpart, Sienna wore her hair messed up with a light wave, achieving that effortlessly chic edge that made the couple look achingly cool.

As he delivered his signature squint for the wall of cameras, she was bright-eyed and adorably buoyant on the red carpet, shooting wide smiles in all directions.

Equally, Naomi was the life and soul, embracing British culture while schmoozing with hosts Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon.

The two men, dressed handsomely in their dickie bows for the theatre appreciation event, looked pleased as punch to be stealing a snap with the catwalk veteran.

Ever the red carpet siren, Naomi was unmissable in a beaded gown that plunged between her cleavage right to her middle.

Even on the hallways of the Palladium, the model couldn't resist working her famous runway walk for the high flying faces at the champagne reception.

Naomi was showing her new fringed 'do, as she softened her saucy neckline with a feathered front to her raven locks.

International supermodel Naomi wasn't the only high profile guest at the event that night though, as the newspaper awards welcomed attendance from Mr and Mrs David Beckham as well as Benedict Cumberbatch and Anna Wintour.

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